Alysia SamperiDID YOU KNOW that Sydney is the only place in Australia and one of the only places in the world, that is home to beautiful ocean pools. Created from the mid-1800s to the 1960s as a way to enjoy the pleasures of the ocean without the sand, surf and sharks, they are a safe haven for locals to enjoy their daily beachside rituals.

I drive guests to some of Sydney’s most stunning ocean pools. Some are well off the beaten track (even most Sydneysiders don’t know about), some are a bit secret, and some have superstar status. We also stop for a traditional Aussie lunch snack at a local bakery so guests can really get their Aussie on! And we finish with a small stroll on Sydney’s famous Coastal Walk. So that pretty much covers most of the Sydney Big Hits Bucket List in one great adventure!

Bondi. Tick!
Coastal Walk. Tick!
Ocean Pools and beaches. Tick!
Traditional Aussie Snack. Tick!

Ocean Pool Aerial